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Find out what is all about

By empowering the cryptotrading community with the most advanced cascade encryption algorithms and using the fastest network technologies is determined to provide a fail-safe by design instant cryptoexchange service with fees as low as 0.06% and a complete anonymity for the traders on every step of the way. is expected to capture up to 9.6% of the cryptoexchange market share which already shows a $200bln capitalization.

The creation and inevitable ascent of - a risk-free anonymous cryptoexchange platform - is the next logical and historical step in the development of modern cryptomarket technologies.

Video Presentations

Learn about the project and our mission.

Core Features

Main features of the Exchange Platform

Instant Transactions

It takes less than 24 seconds for the trader to receive the desired cryptoasset.

Large Selection of Cryptoassets

More than 44 cryptocurrencies are already being accepted and hundreds yet to be added.

Risk-free Cryptoexchange is fail-safe by design. Traders retain control over their assets at all time.

Absolute Anonymity

Cascade data encrypting ensures the highest-standard security of the information possible.

Trader Oriented Design

A intuitive and easy-to-use multifunctional user interface is designed to satisfy the traders.

Secure Cloud Environment

Temporarily storing transaction metadata ensures that every order is processed perfectly.

Functional Prototype

We have a lot to show to you already!

We are pleased to demonstrate the promised viability and the initial value to the token holders. Team has effectively operationalized a small part of framework in order to present the functional prototype of the cryptoexchange platform, along with some unique mechanics specially developed for our cryptoinvestors.

Fully automated transaction processing system - a working merchant mechanics with 44 cryptocurrencies already being accepted in order to allow a wider audience of cryptoinvestors to take part and effectively capitalize on the coin offering.

Multi-trader collective investment functionality (Co-op) - a time-limited feature allowing multiple investors to make collective token purchases in order to obtain larger bonuses.

Completely automatic and accurate dynamic bonus calculation system ensuring timely scheduled and precise token distribution among the cryptoinvestors.

ICO Manager platform was developed to ensure effective management of all PR activities separately from the main platform in order to protect sensitive data and ensure fail-safe-by-design automation.

Mathematically verified economic model designed to secure the token value and ensure stable and continuous growth of the projected ROI for the token holders.

Secure cloud network and data encryption methods have been developed by specifically to store the encrytped metadata of all transactions and safeguard our backers. No force majore poses any threat to the transaction metadata which can be restored in 6.3 seconds time at any given moment. The cloud network guarantees that every transaction is recognized and every investor receives the full amount of tokens purchased during the ICO.

Building Cryptofuture

Traders Satisfied Platform allows instant crypoexchange without a need for the traders to store their assets on third-party accounts.

Stable Cryptomarket

Mathematically tuned and fail-safe by design, is ensuring security for every crypto-trading operation.

Constant Growth

We are determined to dominate the market by providing the highest-quality exchange service with the lowest fees possible.

SafeCryptRoadmap Key Milestones up until Today


Problem Identification

Recognition of global cryptoechange problems and actual market demands based on a market analysis and thorough investigation of preceding events that had negative impact on cryptoexchange market.

Development of the Platform Blueprint

  • Determination of desired system architecure and its initial drafting.
  • Coordination of preparatory activities related to development environment.
  • Harmonization of dev-related technical standarts within the team.
  • System core logic, functionality prototyping and basic user interface design.
  • Q1 2017 Team Growth

    Recruitment of new qualified UI/UX designers, software testers, JS front-end engineers, Unix system administrators and back-end programmers. Web Platform Prototype Testing

    Implementation of the selected testing methodology aimed at identifying technical issues within the system and focusing team efforts towards the search for effective solutions.

    Q2-Q4 2017

    Establishing System Security Standards

    Determining key security guidelines and defining the appropriate standards including Security Policy, Organization of Information Security, Asset Management, Human Resources Security, Physical and Environmental Security, Communications and Operations Management, Access Control, Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance, Information Security, Incident Management, Business Continuity Management, Compliance. Token Value Estimation

    Calculating an adequate amount and estimated token value in accordance to the project's actual financial requirements for further effective development and growth on cryptomarket.

    Official ICO Initial Coing Offering is divided into two phases.

    The Pre-Sale Phase starts on Nov 17, 2017 and will occupy 5 weeks.
    The Main Crowdsale Phase will be initiated right after the first phase ends on Dec 22, 2017 and will last for 5 weeks. The ICO ends on Jan 26, 2018.

    Read Complete Roadmap in Whitepaper

    Securing the token value:

    All unsold tokens will be burnt // Token repurchasing strategy // Dividends to major token holders

    Willing to participate in SafeCrypt ICO?

    Available Bonuses offers additional bonuses for the cryptoinvestors, such as Major Investment, Co-op Investment and other bonuses.

    A flexible system aimed to secure the SFC token value such as token repurchase and dividends is intended to compensate for such bonuses. Read more in our whitepaper (pp. 29-31).

    Rock-solid Stability

    Mathematically verified model / Steady growth / on a $200 bln. market