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Community Build

Growing base of the project supporters in Telegram (official channel and supergroup) and social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook primarily) to raise general awareness of the project on the market. Learn more


Merchant Solution Development's B2B solution for e-commerce platforms making it possible for the owners to accept cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment for products or services they offer. Learn more


Crypto Market Analysis Tools

Collecting of important data for our backers from the crypto market, processing and analyzing of the collected data and its comprehensive display to generate an objective view on the crypto market. Learn more

Smart Trading Notifications System

A system allowing to create a set of rules for the custom notifications notifying traders when the set conditions are met and selected crypto assets can be exchanged to make generate profit on trading. Learn more

Crypto Community Mood Analysis System

An analytics tool monitoring and showing the trends of the global crypto community through Social Media publicly available data, signalling for potential changes in exchange rates of the selected crypto-currencies. Learn more

Crypto Exchange Platform (web)

Finalizing the development of web version of exchange platform with more than 200 crypto currencies accepted for trading with fixed transaction fee of 0.06%. Learn more

Crypto Investment Management Solution (B2B)

Professional portfolio management functionality, making it possible to optimize the work process of professional brokers and funds with crypto assets of their clients and partners. Learn more

Mobile versions of the platform (IOS and Android)

Adaptation of the exchange platform for IOS and Androind, with addition of the market analysis tools and advanced notifications system, a full-spectrum crypto trading functionality apps. Learn more

Stretch-goals for the Project

Implementing effective marketing campaigns, localization and internationalization of the platform aimed to capture the projected market share for stably growing self-sustaining business. Learn more
Regular investment bonus
for contributions from 1 SFC
Major investment bonus
for contributions from 2.5 ETH
Co-op investment bonus
for contributions from 2.5 ETH
244 913
SFC until next phase
15 755 086
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Find out what is all about

By empowering the crypto trading community with the most advanced cascade encryption algorithms and using the fastest network technologies is determined to provide a fail-safe by design instant crypto exchange service with fees as low as 0.06% and a complete anonymity for the traders on every step of the way. is expected to capture up to 9.6% of the crypto exchange market share which already shows a $500bln capitalization.

The creation and inevitable ascent of - a risk-free anonymous crypto exchange platform - is the next logical and historical step in the development of modern crypto market technologies.

Recent news

Stay tuned on the current updates.

Merchant Solution Released

Developed in accordance to our roadmap (development, phase 2) based on the milestone-based funding system!

The service is fully functional and anyone is able to use it with 0% fee and start accepting crypto on their websites. Smart invoicing with its own API allows to set up and start using the system immediately.

New Milestone-based Funding System

We are introducing a new milestone-based funding system with complete transparency for our backers.

From now on the funding goals will be broken down into smaller steps allowing our backers to see exactly how effectively the funds are being used and check out the development in real time.

Read more
April 14

Development Updates Video

A short video on the upcoming tech updates and our plans on the development of project.

View on Vimeo
April 13

Video Presentations

Learn about the project and our mission.

Core Features

Main features of the Exchange Platform

Instant Transactions

It takes less than 24 seconds for the trader to receive the desired crypto asset.

Large Selection of Crypto assets

More than 44 cryptocurrencies are already being accepted and hundreds yet to be added.

Risk-free Crypto exchange is fail-safe by design. Traders retain control over their assets at all time.

Absolute Anonymity

Cascade data encrypting ensures the highest-standard security of the information possible.

Trader Oriented Design

An intuitive and easy-to-use multifunctional user interface is designed to satisfy the traders.

Secure Cloud Environment

Temporarily storing transaction metadata ensures that every order is processed perfectly.

Functional Prototype

We have a lot to show to you already!

We are pleased to demonstrate the promised viability and the initial value to the token holders. Team has effectively operationalized a small part of framework in order to present the functional prototype of the crypto exchange platform, along with some unique mechanics specially developed for our crypto investors.

Fully automated transaction processing system - a working merchant mechanics with 44 cryptocurrencies already being accepted in order to allow a wider audience of crypto investors to take part and effectively capitalize on the coin offering.

Multi-trader collective investment functionality (Co-op) - a time-limited feature allowing multiple investors to make collective token purchases in order to obtain larger bonuses.

Fully Functional Merchant Solution - with smart invoicing system, easy to use API. Allowing web-store owners to start accepting cryptocurrency with 0% fees.

Completely automatic and accurate dynamic bonus calculation system ensuring timely scheduled and precise token distribution among the crypto investors.

ICO Manager platform was developed to ensure effective management of all PR activities separately from the main platform in order to protect sensitive data and ensure fail-safe-by-design automation.

Mathematically verified economic model designed to secure the token value and ensure stable and continuous growth of the projected ROI for the token holders.

Secure cloud network and data encryption methods have been developed by specifically to store the encrypted metadata of all transactions and safeguard our backers. No force majeure poses any threat to the transaction metadata which can be restored in 6.3 seconds time at any given moment. The cloud network guarantees that every transaction is recognized and every investor receives the full amount of tokens purchased during the ICO.

Building Cryptofuture

Traders Satisfied Platform allows instant crypo exchange without a need for the traders to store their assets on third-party accounts.

Stable Crypto market

Mathematically tuned and fail-safe by design, is ensuring security for every crypto-trading operation.

Constant Growth

We are determined to dominate the market by providing the highest-quality exchange service with the lowest fees possible.

Expert Advisors

People whithout whom wouldn't be possible.

Jason Hung

Blockchain Tech & ICO Advisor

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business, one of the most reputable crypto experts.

James Sowers

ICO & Blockchain Advisor

James is a professional Ico advisor, founder of Crypto Specialist LLC, Angel investor and crypto capitalist, Mentor @Alchemist accelerator and a well-known expert on ICObench.

Stephan De Haes

Marketing Advisory & Local Community Management (Western Europe)

Stephan is a well-known influencer in crypto community, firmly believes that Blockchain will change the world and he wants to play his part in making Cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Tyler Sanford

ICO Marketing & Branding Advisor

Tyler is driven by overcoming challenges in new and innovate ways. He believes it's his job to take your vision, help it grow, and maximize results.

Roman Galashov

Tech R&D and Automation Advisor

Roman Galashov has helped with software automation and enabled us to save a lot of resources on workforce by operationalizing the technologies that improve the team efficiency and the development process itself.

Eugene Bann

Financial AI and Data Security Advisor

With Eugene's experience in engineering AI systems, autonomous trading algorithms, we've been able to implement world-class practices for blockchain development.

Douglas Lyons

Expert ICO Advisor

Doug's experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate the business and execute a successful fund raising launch.

Development Roadmap

Milestone-based funding system

Phase 1. Community Build

Goal: 1 000 000 SFC

In order to ensure the future success of the project we have put our efforts into building a strong and diverse community, the people supporting our idea and providing valuable feedback which we use for better understanding of the actual market demands and trends and set the priorities for the development of the project. We have worked on the promotion of our Telegram channel and supergroup, social media (Twitter and Facebook), forum threads and blogs and successfully built a community of over 10 thousand people supporting the project and spreading the word about our mission, ideas and development, as well as the benefits we are offering to our backers.

Milestone 1. Promoting the project using web-marketing technologies: context advertising, forum announcements and discussions, search for experienced blockchain advisors for expert assistance and recommendations, collecting initial feedback from the community.

Milestone 2. Telegram. Promoting the Telegram channel and the supergroup for quick support, conversations and discussions with member of crypto community.

Milestone 3. Whitelisting the early supporters of the project and reaching out to them to provide the necessary assistance and to collect feedback.

Milestone 4. Building a strong base of followers on Twitter and Facebook, interested in the project updates and genuinely willing to support the development.

Phase complete.

Phase 2. Merchant Solution Development

Goal: 9 000 000 SFC

We are working on the merchant solution for commercial web sites and e-commerce platforms with fail-proof functionality allowing them to start acepting crypto assets with minimum fees and a wide variety of crypto assets - ETH and all ERC-20 tokens to start with and dozens of other crypto currencies yet to be added. A very simple-to-use invoicing system can be used to charge customers using both crypto- and USD-based amounts for convenience: our clients do not have to worry about the exchange rates, we do it automatically. Professional user dashboard is designed for our clients to easily access the current stats and keep track of their web store performance in terms of crypto payments. We will grant access to the merchant solution free of charge (0% fees) at first. Later the dynamic fee will be applied based on total monthly volume of payments made to the client using the merchant. The fee however will not exceed 0.3% to increase and sustain strong market competitiveness.

Milestone 1. Market analysis and community feedback collection for initial modeling of the merchant functionality.

Milestone 2. Designing the system architecture of the merchant prototype based on previously developed exchange framework with use of the market analysis data.

Milestone 3. Alpha testing and bug fixing of the merchant solution and its pre-release optimization, designing easy-to-use GUI, including user dashboard and admin panel controls.

Development phase complete. Please visit the merchant platform page to see the results.

Phase 3. Crypto Market Analysis Tools

Goal: 16 000 000 SFC

Collecting, processing, analyzing and displaying all the important data for our backers from major exchange platforms will help to create an objective picture of the crypto market which will enable our community to make well-informed decisions on each trading operation allowing to achieve greater results in crypto trading. The set of tools is going to clearly reflect the current situation on the crypto market signalling for potential ups and downs for the selected trading pairs, whale activity and other major alerts. The system will be continuously impoved and more data pieces will be analyzed to achieve the best possible results for our traders.

Milestone 1. Research and analysis of the market aimed to determine the key demands within the crypto trading tools, collecting feedback from the community to sort out the requirements for such tools.

Milestone 2. Designing the initial set of tools allowing users to get a comprehensive and objective view on the crypto market as a whole.

Milestone 3. Testing and polishing of the developed tools in order to provide the exhaustive information of the current trends and signals from the crypto trading market.

Developed under budget. Please visit the market analysis tools to see the results.

Phase 4. Smart Trading Notifications System

Goal: 23 000 000 SFC

The trading notifications system will allow you to customize in details how, when and based on which circumstances you are going to be alerted. The customization menu will have a number of options and sliders for you to select the rules by which you are going to be notified. For advanced users we will develop a simple programming language allowing to customize the rules even more. That way, you as a trader will be certain that once you get a notification, it is time to act. The smart notification system is a risk-free alternative for placing orders on regular crypto exchanges as you control your crypto assets at all time and perform trading operations manually when the time is right.

Milestone 1. Market research and initial drafting of the notification system, preparing the open Alpha test version, collecting feedback and adaptation for the market.

Milestone 2. Adding the system setup controls, development of a simple programming language for advanced customization of notification rules.

Milestone 3. Pre-release testing and polishing the system, gathering data from the community for its future updates and improvements; release version of the system.

Phase 5. Crypto Community Mood
Analysis System

Goal: 41 000 000 SFC

Unlike Crypto Market Analysis Tools (Phase 3), the mood analysis is going to reflect a subjective view on the market of thousands of users worldwide using the linguistic distinction approach of the text content. This system will help our traders to monitor the "attitude" of the market and avoid hype bubbles which heavily influence the exchange rate of particular cryptocurrencies for a short period of time. It is impossible to use the data from the major exchanges and analyze it in isolation with the actual mood of the market which sometimes impact the trends in crypto much more than whales of the market. Having combined the notifications system with mood analysis and market analysis tools will be able to show the complete picture of the crypto market.

Milestone 1. Formation of the linguistic core (English) of the system, database development and optimization.

Milestone 2. Prototyping the parsing/fetching algorithms, closed testing and preparing for the open Alpha, GUI design and optimization; launching open Alpha version.

Milestone 3. Collecting feedback data, polishing and improving the system aimed to achieve the highest accuracy of the linguistic analysis. AI development as an option.

Phase 6. Crypto Exchange Platform (web)

Goal: ~74 000 000 SFC

Finalizing the development of a web-version of fail-safe by design instant crypto exchange service. Adding more than 200 crypto currencies as accepted for trading with the service's fixed transaction fee of 0.06%. Details to be announced.

Milestones: TBD

Phase 7. Crypto Investment Management Solution (B2B)

Goal: ~102 000 000 SFC framework allows us to develop a portfolio management functionality for the commercial use, making it possible to optimise the work process of professional brokers and funds operating the crypto assets of their clients and partners. This solution is going to generate additional income for the company speeding up the development and will also allow us to start the token repurchase earlier and in greater amounts which will consequently boost the value of our token up. The fees for this service are yet to be determined.

Milestones: TBD

Phase 8. Mobile versions of the platform
(IOS and Android)

Goal: ~115 000 000 SFC

Adaptation of the exchange platform for IOS and Androind, with addition of the market analysis tools and advanced notifications system, creating a full-spectrum crypto trading functionality apps.

Milestones: TBD

Phase 9. Stretch-goals for the Project

Goal: up to 1 075 000 000 SFC

Planning and implementing effective marketing campaigns, localization and internationalization of the platform aimed to capture the projected market share for stably growing self-sustaining business.

Milestones: TBD

Stretch goals period determined by backers.

Securing the token value:

All unsold tokens will be burnt // Token repurchasing strategy // Dividends to major token holders

Willing to participate in SafeCrypt ICO?

Available Bonuses offers additional bonuses for the crypto investors, such as Major Investment, Co-op Investment and other bonuses.

A flexible system aimed to secure the SFC token value such as token repurchase and dividends is intended to compensate for such bonuses. Read more in our whitepaper (pp. 29-31).

Rock-solid Stability

Mathematically verified model / Steady growth / on a $500 bln. market